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Body Transformation Challenges

Our body Transformation Challenges are the best around, you will get results 100% guarantee or your money back.  Our main goal is for you to achieve the results you are after. Whether that is nutrition, endurance, muscle tone, muscle strength or to boost your energy levels we will guide you every step of the way.  Please ask about our 28 Day Transformation Challenge and our 6 Week Challenge to get started this year.  Kids can attend or run around as we have over 2000sm2 to keep them entertained and out of your hair while you have a workout at no extra cost.

Segmental Body Scans

Here at Rdy2Shred Fitness we pride ourselves in getting people great results and one way that helps with that is knowing the ins and out of your body and to do that we have onsite a segmental full body scanner.  Taking body monitoring to the next level, our Segmental Body Composition scale features separate electrodes to provide a thorough segmental analysis.  Our scales will give you readings for bodyweight, BF%, 5 segmental muscle readings, 5 segmental fat% readings, BMR, BMI, Metabolic Age and lots lots more.


Personalised Programs

We will work out a personalised program suitable for you so that you will get the results you have been after.  If you have any injuries or have a disability that makes it hard for you to get results, don’t worry we make it easy!